2016-2017 Outside Editorial Fellowship

“What Gear Did the Greenpeace Protesters Use?: Seven people ascended a construction crane in downtown D.C. on Wednesday and unfurled a 65-pound banner in protest of President Trump. Here’s how they did it,” January 26, 2017 | link

“You Can (and Should) Bring Your Dog on Your Next Ski Vacation: Some hotels are starting to treats dogs as guests,” January 23, 2017 | link

“The (Almost) True Legend of a Lost, Cursed Honduran City: When Douglas Preston joined an expedition searching for the ancient Ciudad Blanca, he realized there may have been some truth to warning not to enter the place,” January 16, 2017 | link

“The Most Active States of 2016, According to Strava: Americans ran a lot this year and uploaded to Strava more than ever. Here’s how your state stacked up,” December 22, 2016 | link

“These Guys Just Hiked the Whole Grand Canyon: One of our most iconic wild places is under threat from mining and development interests. Two journalists hiked 800 miles to remind people why they should care,” November 22, 2016 | link

“We Designed the World’s Safest Helmet: Biking causes more concussions than football, so we took it upon ourselves to design the ideal cycling lid that would, at the very least, greatly reduce and possibly eliminate head injuries,” November 8, 2016 | link

“7 Moves That Will Get Your Ready for Ski Season: You have no excuses for first-day noodle legs and these seven easy moves will get your legs back in skiing shape from the comfort of your living room,” November 4, 2016 | link

“Yosemite Chief Resigns Amid Sexual-Misconduct Claims in Park: The reports of sexual harassment among NPS employees continue, with new revelations about Yosemite and Yellowstone,” September 29, 2016 | link

“Two U.S. Climbers Missing on Pakastani Mountain: A pair from Utah trying to complete the first ascent of a steep face in the Karakoram mountain range were caught in a snowstorm last month and haven’t been seen since,” September 1, 2016 | link

“Hans Florine on His Lifelong Obsession with Just One Climbing Spot: The rock climbing veteran talks his career on El Capitan and the psychology of climbing with Alex Honnold,” August 29, 2016 | link

“Our Perfect Olympic Frankenstein: Forget doping. Behold our ideal athlete, pieced together by the best parts of Olympians present and past,” August 18, 2016 | link

“The Most Chaotic Finish Line Moments: From wipeouts to ties to near violence, here are the least graceful—but most memorable—finish line moments,” August 17, 2016 | link