2015 News Clips

Note: In 2015, I covered various issues for the Independent Record in Helena, Montana; the Williston Herald in Williston, North Dakota; and the Herald-News on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. 

Investigation into abuse at Montana Developmental Center: 

“Parents of MDC patients ask Gov. Bullock to veto bill to close facility,” Independent Record, April 28 | link

“MDC backers laud its benefits for Boulder,” Independent Record, April 21 | link

“Lawmakers near decision on fate of MDC,” Independent Record, April 21 | link

“MDC ordered to cease admissions in its secure unit,” Independent Record, April 15 | link

“Meeting held at Boulder City Hall over proposed closure of MDC,” Independent Record, April 10 | link

“Parents of MDC residents oppose proposed closure,” Independent Record, April 8 | link

“Disability Rights Montana: MDC showing an ‘appalling ignorance of the dynamics involved in sexual exploitation and abuse,'” Independent Record, February 21 | link


“Sheriffs oppose bill to give them authority over feds,” Independent Record, January 30 | link

“Lawmakers testimony on removing same-sex marriage ban from constitution,” Independent Record, January 30 | link

“Lawmaker introduces bill to nullify federal gun bans,” Independent Record, January 27 | link


“Man camps booted,” Williston Herald, July 22 | link

“Bakken ready for Big Wind?”, Williston Herald, July 1 | link

Pipeline agents replaced after allegedly threatening landowners with eminent domain,” Williston Herald, June 3 | link

“Collapse of oil prices force rents to drop $1,000 a month in Watford City,” Williston Herald, June 6 | link

Tribal issues:

“Fort Peck Tribes Fighting Back Against Youth Suicide Numbers,” Herald-News, October 7 | link

“Wolf Point School Absenteeism Rate ‘Too High,'” Herald-News, September 21 | link


“Vets made to drive 800 miles round-trip for care,” Williston Herald, August 11 | link

“Guardians of Memorial Park: Citizens stand watch at local hangout to combat vandalism,” Independent Record, May 5 | link

“VA Secretary Robert McDonald tells local vets he wants to rebuild trust,” Independent Record, March 31 | link

“VA Montana names permanent director,” Independent Record, February 26 | link

“VA Montana temporarily closing mental health center at Fort Harrison,” Independent Record, February 10| link